We asked our staff to answer the age-old question, what are your favorite products at Now You’re Cooking? Among the many gadgets on our 50ft wall, the fine cookware, and electrics, here are the items that get top marks from our staff this year:

Ben, sales associate:

  • OXO Electric Kettle: I use this kettle every day for a cuppa Earl Gray!
  • Tovolo Spatulas & Scrapers: My most used utensil when stirring or scraping out the last of the peanut butter in the jar.

Tovolo Spatulas

Clara, sales associate:

  • Zojirushi Zutto 5-Cup Coffee Maker – Love the small size and it’s quick!
  • OXO Instant Read Thermometer – Nice big numbers that are clear to read.
  • OXO Pineapple Corer – Slices as it cores. Makes eating fresh pineapple easy.
  • Chic Wrap Aluminum Foil Dispenser – The slider smoothly cuts off pieces of durable foil.

OXO Pineapple Corer

Joel, wine buyer: 

  • Mauviel 1830 M’Steel: Carbon steel is an ideal material for searing, browning, and grilling. It is not very sticky and allows you to cook with very little fat.

Mauviel Carbon Steel Fry Pan

Kelly, sales associate:

  • Fiesta Dinnerware: Fun, cheerful, and a family favorite. Shared amongst family members and everyone has a favorite color.
  • Lodge: Love to brown meat on the stovetop to get a good sear and then finish cooking by roasting in the oven.

Fiestaware on a table

Louisa, manager:

  • Polish Pottery Pie Dish: A gorgeous end to any meal, no matter what you bake in it. Ovenproof!
  • Garlic Twist: You control the size of the garlic mince! Also really easy to clean.
  • Emile Henry Flame Line: Stovetop or oven and direct to table – all while looking great!

Garlic Twist

Mike, owner:

  • Lamson Chef’s Turner: Available for both left-handed and right-handed chefs, and I use mine daily.
  • OXO Pastry Mat: I use reguarly for bread baking.
  • Making Dough by Russell van Kraayenburg: This cookbook has been great for pastry, biscuits, scones,
    and more, a basic guide for successful baking.

Mike baking bread

Vanessa, business manager:

  • Kyocera 4.5-in Utility Knife: I love it because it stays sharp so much longer than my metal knives. It also helps prevent sliced apples and lettuce from turning brown. Great knife!

Kyocera ceramic utility knives