We’ve done bagels, so now we’re making delicious lox to go on top! This is a bit time consuming as you have to let the salmon sit in the dry brine for several days, but your actual work time is pretty minimal – with a great payoff!

Lox is dry-brined, as opposed to smoked, so the flavor is going to be a little saltier than most smoked salmon. You can add a little bit of smoky flavor by using a smoked salt. This recipe is also very similar to Gravlax, the Scandinavian version, which includes copious amounts of fresh dill, and often some juniper berries.

If you are at all squeamish, I recommend getting sashimi grade salmon, since you’re not cooking it. I usually just use very fresh salmon from the local fish market, and have found it to be delightful!


1 # Salmon Filet (remove any pin bones with a pair of tweezers, leave the skin on) 

½ C Smoked Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

½ C Sugar (brown or granulated)

1 Tbsp Black Pepper, coarsely ground

Lox on a bagel

Mix salt, sugar and pepper in a bowl.

In a deepish dish or pan large enough for the salmon, lay out a large piece of plastic wrap.

Spread half of the dry brine on the plastic, roughly the shape and size of the salmon.

Place the salmon on the dry brine, and spread the rest of the brine on top.

Wrap tightly in the plastic wrap. Then wrap another layer of plastic around it.

Place another dish or pan on top of the salmon, and weigh it down with a couple of bricks or some cans of beans (or another heavy object.)

Put the whole thing in the fridge, with something under one side so it is slightly tipped. (There will be quite a bit of liquid coming out of the salmon, and it’s better if it doesn’t sit in it.)

Leave for 48-60 hours.

Unwrap and rinse the brine off with cold water; pat dry.

Using a pair of tweezers, peel off the skin.

Slice as thin as you can using a very sharp carving knife.

Eat and enjoy! (Serve with crackers or bagels, cream cheese if you want, capers, onions…)


*If you make gravlax, with lots of fresh dill, there are nice Swedish mustard sauces you can whip up to serve with it!