Le Creuset Sauteuse with Jambalaya

The Le Creuset Signature Sauteuse is a versatile shape and size for searing, braising, roasting, and baking that easily goes from stove to oven to table. The wide base is ideal for searing and browning meat and vegetables without crowding, while the sloped sides make stirring more efficient and effective by promoting continuous movement. Crafted from their legendary enameled cast iron for superior results every time, the Sauteuse is ideal for one-pot meals, stews, casseroles, and more.

What Can I Cook in a Sauteuse?
Wondering what you can make in the Le Creuset Sauteuse? The 3.5 qt size is perfect for 3-4 people for main dishes and one pot meals. For casseroles, salads, sides and dessert it will easily serve 4-6.

Try using it for searing pork chops and chicken, and serve with a pan gravy. The sloped sides are ideal for making a rich roux for gumbo or béchamel sauce for mac and cheese, and also for constant stirring when making polenta and risotto. With a generous depth, the Sauteuse can be used to make chili, soups and noodle dishes like Pan-Fried Noodles and Shrimp as well.

But be sure not to forget dessert and bread! Cobblers, fruit crisps, cinnamon rolls, and brownies all turn out beautifully when baked in the Sauteuse. Bring the pot directly from the oven to the table for attractive and easy serving.

Thank you to Le Creuset for this information! You can pick up you Sauteuse at Now You’re Cooking in Bath, Maine. Available in all of Le Creuset’s current color collection.

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