The 2021 vintages are rolling in and our rosé section is filling in nicely. We have everything from a lean and fruity Provence-style, to a more bold and savory rosé de saignée ready for whatever you crave on a hot/cool Maine summer day/night! As with so many things these days, supply chain disruptions are also affecting the wine world. Many of you are waiting on the ever-popular Kruger-Rumpf Pinot Noir Rosé and we have been assured that it is in transit, but unfortunately, the arrival time has not been confirmed. We will be sure to put out word when it’s here! Until then, we have a ton of other options to tempt you, a few of which are described below. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer and we’ll look forward to seeing you at Now You’re Cooking soon.

Rose bottles in a row

Bieler Pere et Fils Sabine Aix-en-Provence Rosé (Provence, France) | $13.99
A classic Provence-style rosé. This wine is made from a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Rolle (also known as Vermentino in Italy) which are grown high up in the hills above Provence in limestone. It’s crisp, youthful, and well-balanced. The price is right for picking up a few bottles to have on hand for impromptu hosting!

Domaine de Triennes Rosé (Provence, France) | $17.99
A collaboration between two French Burgundy powerhouse winemakers: Aubert de Villaine of  Romanée-Conti and Jacques Seysse of Dujac. This rosé from Provence is organic and made from a blend of Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache, and Merlot. A bouquet of strawberries and white flowers with hints of vanilla.

Planeta Rosé (Sicily, Italy) | $14.99
Feel the warm sun of Southern Italy in a glass when drinking this wine. Comprised of half Nero d’Avola and half Syrah the result is a lively wine that would pair well with a lobster roll or grilled veggies.

Raúl Pérez León Rosado Arrotos del Pendón (Castilla Y Leon, Spain) | $22.99
This Spanish rosado is made from 100% Prieto using the Saignée method. The Saignée method is actually a by-product of red winemaking — some of the juice from the red wine is saved and then fermented into rosé. The result is a more rich and bold wine, as we have here in the Arrotos. That color! So beautiful. This rosé has flavors of ripe wild berries as well as a smokiness to it that would hold up well to grilled meat.

And if you’re serving a crowd…don’t worry, we have large format rosé!

Jean-François Debourg, Beaujolais Bojo d’Eon 1L (Beaujolais, France) | $26.99
This litre of Beaujolais Rose is made by Jean-Francois Debourg from a single hectare of Gamay vines down in the south, the “terres Dorrees” the sunny golden hills in southern Beaujolais where it’s easy to ripen Gamay.  It’s juicy, vivid, fun, and just the right amount of mineral. The importer, Goatboy, is an LGBTQ+ owned company and they specifically picked Chevalier d’Eon as the label for this wine. Read more about this French Diplomat and you’ll understand why!

Ercole Piedmont Rosato 1L (Piedmont, Italy) | $14.99
So fresh, clean, and affordable! This is a blend of Barbera and Dolcetto that is made to be an everyday drinker as an homage to working Italian farmers. Ercole, whose English translation is Hercules, is only made possible by a generations-old cooperative of local growers in the Monferrato area.

AIX Vin De Provence Rosé 1.5L (Provence, France) | $44.99
The strong cold and dry Minstral wind in southern France and elevation of the vineyards make AIX rosé delicate, crisp, and dry. A blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault, AIX has fresh red berries, peach, and a minerality that makes it oh-so-refreshing. We’ll continue to stock the 750ml size all summer, but we only have a few of these magnums in stock. Wouldn’t it be fun to bring one to a 4th of July gathering?!