Summer Wine bottles by the water

Angelo Negro Unfiltered “Vino Bianco” 2020 (Piedmont, Italy) | $18.99
Our first wine features the hand-picked noble white grape Arneis grown organically in some of the most coveted vineyards in Roero, Italy. From the legendary Angelo Negro, the “Vino Bianco” is a natural, unfiltered wine bottled exclusively for the US. Straw yellow with a green hue, this wine is a one-of-a-kind treat from Piedmont! Cloudy due to the presence of residual yeast. Opening this wine reveals grapefruit aromas alongside notes of peach and lychee. A pleasantly tart wine with hints of Golden Delicious apple on the palate. As the winemaker says, “Chill, shake, and serve!”

Schloss Gobelsburg Cistercien Rosé 2021 (Gobelsburg, Austria) | $18.99
Schloss Gobelsburg, a former Cistercian monastic estate, is one of the oldest wineries in the Austrian Danube area with a documented history that dates back to 1171. The valley of the Danube and its side-valleys belong to the ‘Cool climate’ areas of Austria. With some vineyards even too cold for red winemaking, Zweigelt, St. Laurent, and Pinot Noir grapes are the grapes used for this wine. The Rosé Cistercian is a lovely fresh pink color. It has a fresh and zesty bouquet of red and white fruits. The freshness extends to the palate with a medium body and good acidity for a refreshing drinking experience. Pair this treat with dishes that call for fresh, acidic wines or sip away at it as you enjoy the sunset on a warm summer evening.

Ovum Big Salt White Table Wine 2021 (Dundee, Oregon) | $19.99
Established in 2011 by Ksenija and John House, Ovum works hard to find the right vineyards throughout Oregon that share the same cool climate and beliefs around growing grapes. A white wine that embodies a day at the beach, Big Salt is bright, fresh, dry and a bit salty (although no salt is added of course!). Once it’s done you’re left wanting more. This experience is achieved by letting mother nature create complexity – all of the different grapes for this wine (Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Early Muscat, Sauv Blanc, plus others) ferment together, with native yeast rather than making a blend in the laboratory. Big Salt is very dry and very aromatic. You will find notes of grapefruit, jasmine, and freshly squeezed Meyer lemon dominate the nose. The palate is lively and fun, and continues to have its classic, salty finish. Perfect for a picnic by the ocean!

Ovum Big Salt Orange Rosé Table Wine 2021 (Dundee, Oregon) | $20.99
Admittedly, this one is over $20, but we just had to include it along with the original Big Salt, because it is just THAT GOOD. If you love orange wines (white wines fermented on their skins) or want to explore what they’re all about – Big Salt “Orange Rosé” is a good place to start. Ovum has created a 50-50 blend of Pinot Gris skin contact with the Big Salt White, described above, to create a wine the color of tangerine sunset. Unlike its fresh compatriot, the “Orange Rose” drinks more like a chilled red wine. Not quite a fruity rosé and not quite a funky orange, Big Salt Rosé is spicy and juicy with a citrusy and earthy finish. This is a unique wine and one of the best orange wines we have had. We will be enjoying a few more bottles of this in the sunshine this summer and we hope you do, too!

Mary Taylor Coteaux de Cabrerisse 2020 (Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse, France) | $13.99
Another delectable wine from the Mary Taylor collection Coteaux de Cabrerisse comes from France’s best value and highest-producing region, Languedoc. The estate is HVE Level 3 certified meaning it adheres to strict practices to protect biodiversity, manage water responsibly, and avoids the use of pesticides and herbicides. This 100% Carignan is fermented and aged in concrete to allow the grape to fully express themselves. With minimal filtration, this wine is intense and pure, expressing red fruits like cherry, raspberry, and cranberry with some light pepper and spice. Throw some chill on it for a light, fruity summer sipper. Yum!

Mary Taylor Coteaux de Cabrerisse