Mead Bottles by the river

Welcome, Run Amok Meadery | West Gardiner, Maine
Located in West Gardiner, Run Amok makes mead on the new moons and the full moons, fermenting the most delicious and delightful ingredients into amazing taste sensations, aligned with ancient tradition. Erroneously described as honey wine, mead is a fermented beverage made from honey, yeast, and water. It isn’t really wine, but it’s just as tasty on those cold winter evenings. Mead is thought to be 8,000 years old, give or take, and shows up in ancient cultures around the world – Greece, Rome, Ethiopia, China, and, of course, the Vikings. So as you’re settling down for some mid-winter hygge, grab your copy of Beowulf and a mug of mead and travel back in time! Save the date for a tasting with Run Amok Meadery on Friday, December 15 from 3-5pm.

A Golden Traditional Mead | Traditional Mead with Clover Honey | $18.99
Fermented from honey, mead can be dry, sweet, or anywhere in-between. When all you ferment is honey…all you get is gold! This is the sweetest mead from Run Amok, but still very fresh tasting and a most amazing showcase of a most amazing honey. 12% abv.

Split Decision | Wild Blueberry Mead | $24.99
Melomels are what you get when you take a traditional mead and add fruit—in this case, wild Maine blueberries in organge blossom and cranberry blossom honey. Dry, delicious, and very drinkable. 16% abv.

Dark Starr | Mead with Star Anise | $21.99
Metheglins are meads with spice. Dark Starr is Star Anise in dark wildflower honey. Think Pizelles—Italian Christmas cookies! Drinks dry. 17% abv.

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