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Wines for the Thanksgiving Table
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by menu planning, grocery shopping, pie crust making,…etc. etc. let us help you take the stress out of the wine selection for your Thanksgiving table. We have some crowd-pleasing suggestions below, and you’re all invited to attend the November Wine Tasting on Thursday, November 17th, where Collen from SoPo Wine Co. will open some wines we think you will really enjoy. And don’t forget, we offer a 10% discount on a case of wine, which can be mixed, so you can really stock up for the holiday season ahead!

Gonzalez Byass Leonor Palo Cortado 375mL (Jerez, Spain) | $17.99

One of the more mythical styles of sherry, Palo Cortado is a kind of hybrid. On the nose it’s similar to an amontillado (a sherry that’s gone through oxidization), but upon tasting, it’s similar to an oloroso (fortified sherry using young wine spirits). Leonor Palo Cortado is an oloroso that is biologically made with the must from Gonzalez Byass’ Tio Pepe Fino (their youngest, driest sherry) and then fortified with grape must. It remains in American oak casks following the traditional Solera system for an average of 12 years. A complex nose that has notes of hazelnut, bitter orange, and oak with a smooth finish. It’s powerful, elegant, and stands up to rich cheeses, duck, and spicey foods. Drink before, during, or after the big meal!


Von Winnings “Winnings” Riesling 2021 (Pfalz, Germany) | $21.99

A wine with the right amount of acidity and heft to cut right through the buttery mashed potatoes and other heavier Thanksgiving dishes. Fresh and juicy fruit, but with a crisp minerality. It’s a fun balanced wine, from a winery that’s practicing organic, and it’s great for cocktail hour, or for enjoying with dinner. 


Union Sacré Cabernet Franc 2020 (Paso Robles, California, USA) | $21.99

A wine made by two friends, Xavier is a WSET certified, oenology degree holder from France, and Philip is a self-taught designer from Michigan (they refer to him as the confident in the partnership). This wine comes from the sandy Dry Creek Vineyard, which is situated on the east side of Paso Robles. The cool nights the area experiences allow the grapes to hold their acidity, but there are still crunchy cranberries and fresh pepper that make this an awesome turkey day pairing. 


Georges Descombes Morgon 2020 (Beaujolais, France) | $27.99

Descombes grew up helping out at his family’s small winery where they also bottled wine for other local wine growers. This is how Descombes came to know the famous Beaujolais wine producer, Marcel Lapierre, who makes wine in a very pure style using newer barrels without the use of sulphur. Descombes modeled his wine-making after Lapierre, and is now making certified organic, non-sulphured, and non-filtered Beaujolais. This Morgon is bright and satisfying with fresh cherry. This wine is flexible enough to drink with everything that appears on the Thanksgiving table!